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Our mission 

Rooted in love 

                 Queen of Arts started in the summer of 2014 in the living room of founders, Michelle and Reagan Strazzeri. The mother-daughter duo often painted as part of their special time together. They had so much fun that they invited their neighborhood friends over for one of their painting lessons. That small group of moms, daughters, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, granddaughters and close friends made a lasting impact. "At that very moment, we were creating special memories and capturing it on canvas" said Michelle Strazzeri. "Queen of Arts is rooted in love for our kids, community and art" she continues. Fast forward a few years and Queen of Arts has been highly recognized for their specialized creative events sought after by kids, adults and organizations. When asked what has credited to  Queen of Arts' success, Michelle noted, "We put our heart into every single event. If we are at a child's birthday party, we treat their special day as if it were one of our kids. Doing everything we can to make their day extra special. We set out to bring an authentic, fun, comfortable and beautifully executed creative experience just like we did in our living room just a few years ago" 

Our first paint party...

Hear Your Art
From our Founder and CEO, Michelle Strazzeri

I had the opportunity to visit the Philippines together with my daughter for the first time.  We had the honor of visiting a local church in an underprivileged area of Manila. We brought along with us crayons, art supplies and taught an art class to all the kids that night. Their enthusiasm and creativity filled our hearts with overwhelming gratitude. With a simple box of crayons and paper, we witness indescribable happiness and joy.

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