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The Story of Queen of Arts

Michelle Strazzeri, Founder & CEO 

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It all started in 2014 when my daughter and I invited our neighbors over to paint. We loved to craft but I found myself squeezing in only little bits of time here and there. I wanted to purposefully dedicate a morning to quality time together with family and friends. So, we pushed a few table and chairs together in our living room! We had the best time sharing laughs and painting pretty art. Our hearts were so full. Little did we know that morning would inspire the core of what Queen of Arts is today, community and creativity. We knew how special that day was for us and we strive to share that same sense of connection for our clients in the comfort of their own space. That's why we tell clients "all you need are some table and chairs and we've got the rest!" We envisioned events where you can confidently express your uniqueness, be encouraged by our amazing artists and preserve these special moments on canvas. The rest was history! Queen of Arts has grown into a passionate team committed to making each event exceptional. Our team is honored to be welcomed into hundreds of homes, businesses and schools. It is a true joy to see our clients reconnect with one another while creating their own masterpiece.

Waiting for neighbors to arrive
The very first Queen of Arts Paint Party!
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Our Commitment to Impact

Art is a universal language that can be share around the world. With the fast pace growth of technology, Queen of Arts believes that we can inspire the next generation's enhanced appreciation in the arts, music, theater, photography. Through Queen of Arts programs, we dedicate proceeds of our events to continued art education for today's youth. Queen of Arts happily contributes our time and donates hundreds of art supplies, brushes, paints to youth programs both locally and globally. Thank you for joining the journey!
2018 Manila, Philippines hosting a Queen of Arts Paint Party!
Each child went home with their own art kit, paint brushes and
signature Queen of Arts aprons!
2015 Manila, Philippines
Queen of Arts hosting local youth drawing classes complete with dinner
QUEEN OF ARTS crown only-1.jpg

Our Promise To You

The Leader in Private Paint Parties & Creative Events 

Our Events Are Designed to Capture Your Memories

and Put Them On Canvas. We are committed to providing exceptional service

and the best materials. With Thousands of Highly Satisfied Clients,

we are confident that your next event will be absolutely fabulous!

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