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Brownie Painting Badge 

Calling All Girl Scout Brownies

Earn your painting badge with Queen of Arts


Every Girl Scout Brownie will complete the requirements for the Brownie Painting Badge. Each girl will paint a total of (3) paintings.


Click Here for Girl Scout Paint Parties Details

Step 1 { Get inspired } Talk to a painter Engage in a discussion about different styles of painting : impressionism, pointillism, cubism, pop art and realism including examples of each style. There will also be time to answer any questions the girls may have. 

Step 2 { Paint the real world } Painting Still Life The girls will paint a floral arrangement to represent actual real world objects.

Step 3 { Paint a mood } What's in a mood? We will talk about how colors and shapes correlate to different moods. For example, someone feeling happy may choose bright colors with long wide strokes. On the other hand, someone feeling gloomy may choose darker colors and paint with heavier strokes.

Step 4 { Paint without brushes } Paint with household objects The girls will get to experiment painting with different objects they see everyday such as spoons, forks, straws, cups, paper towels, toothbrushes, floss, GLITTER! etc. They will combine Step 3 and Step 4.

Step 5 { Paint a mural } Tiled mural color scheme The girls will get to choose 4 colors ( ex: school colors ). Each girl will be provided a canvas to paint freely while only using 4 colors. The canvas tile will be combined to create their mural. 

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