Virtual is the new cool! We choose to make the best of this time and create amazing memories for your special birthday kid! Queen of Arts VP is our virtual party program. We'll help your child create a fun celebration from home. Our virtual birthdays are private events to ensure a positive and comfortable setting for your child. They are the star after all! You can virtually invite family and friends or create an intimate art studio at home. Let art shine bright on their special day. Taught step by step by Queen of Arts CEO and mama of 4, Michelle Strazzeri.

How it works:

1) Pick a date/time

2) Choose Your Theme

3) Enjoy a live private guided painting session at home.

Includes Queen of Arts Digital Package 

- Personalized Birthday Invites

- Exclusive Queen of Arts Supplies List 

- Create an Art Studio At Home Guide 

$99 for up to 10 screens

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