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Calling all artists! Are you ready to paint and level up your art skills? Our fun paint camps set a positive environment to become a more confident artist. At the end of camp, you'll discover your own unique style with adorable masterpieces you completed step-by-step on canvas. A minimum of 10 students are required for each camp to run as scheduled. Sign up for a session or more and level up your artistic skill this summer!

Baker Ranch
Taught exclusively by Queen of Arts 

Girls in Painting Class

Manners & Masterpieces 

Painting Workshop




Session 1

Thursday, June 9, 2022


$49 per child

Ages 6 and up

A fun and unique camp incorporating valuable etiquette techniques while painting beautiful masterpieces.

Your child will become a more confident artist with their own style.  

Manners Topic: Greetings & Introductions 

Finger Painting

Queen of Arts Paint Camp

Session 2

July 25-29 / Monday - Friday


$250 per child 

Ages 6 and up 

Queen of Arts camp is a chance for your child to grow and develop their artistic skills. Don't miss out on an opportunity to paint a beautiful masterpiece everyday!

Egg and Spoon Race

Queen of Arts Paint Camp 

Session 3

August 4-5 / Thursday - Friday

2-4 pm

$95 per child

Ages 6 and up

Summer is the best time to level up your painting skills. Using techniques you learn in class, you'll paint a one of a kind masterpiece to add to your art collection each day.

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